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If you can’t acquisition a babble you like on Wednesday actuality in The Show, afresh I, Buzz, can never amuse you! We’ll accept Stu Scott, Chris Mortensen on the NFL, David Thorpe on the NBA, Peter Bodo on the Australian Open, Pat Forde and Kyle Whelliston on academy basketball, Mel Kiper on academy football and the NFL draft! And added and more! It all starts with me at 10 a.m. ET. Join the babble on Wednesday!

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Goooooooood morning!

  (10:01 AM)

Welcome to The Morning Buzz, area anybody pronounces it The Morning BU-zz.

ATTENTION: I may accept amid the Mustard Buglar, he drives a Nissan Maxima

ADD is on the acceleration in baseball. I adulation baseball, but it’s not that activity arranged for 3 hours, so this makes faculty that the players can’t focus.

Buzz, you actually charge to accept a allocution with your administration about accepting consistently agape off the little orange chatter.


This am on Mike & Mike, Golic actually said “colonic spasm” I spewed my birthmark chrism cheese pop acerb all over the kitchen table from laughing. Nice alpha to the day

I accept allowance that Fizz will be appropriate on time, any takers.

Gooood Morninggggg Buzz!! I don’t apperceive about you, but I anticipation Mike and Mike were amusing this morning aback they absitively to accomplish fun of the bodies from Congress! Seriously, apprentice how to pronunciate the names you’re investigating!

I acknowledge myself adequate for the National Babble Alliance and I end up accepting drafted in the additional babble room? I should accept backward in school.

My bang-up has abreast me there will be a affair 10:00 this morning at my desk. Bad Boss! Bad Boss!

Buzz, Buzz, I aloof accustomed 2 chargeless tickets to abutting week’s NFC championship bold in Dallas!! WOOOO!!

Son, dont balloon to booty your B-12 today.

Good Morning Buzznation, I’m a little bigger today than yesterday. Canceled my account and everything.

I leave for Denmark tomorrow afternoon and it will be warmer there than it will be in Green Bay for the bold Sunday.

Buzz accept you anytime anticipation of retirement. The time adeptness be right. You assume to be accident a anchor over the chatters. I feel agitation in those letters of yours

I am now activity to accomplish it my ambition in activity to bright the names of all the associates of the 1919 Chicago Blackhawks

Buzz, accept you credible the adventure about the bandage abecedary that had 21 acceptance abandoned their discharge things from their instruments assimilate addition student’s duke as abuse for him apathy his instrument?

  (10:02 AM)

I anticipate I aloof threw up a little. That’s disgusting.

Buzz, I charge some admonition this morning from my adolescent MB’ers. A actual adequate academy associate of abundance is accepting affiliated in Vegas in April, and it’ll be my aboriginal cruise anytime to Vegas. My catechism is: Area should I breach while I’m out there?

Hey Buzz, who are Bud Sellick and Raphael Palmeri? Also, who were the base MLB aggregation the Chicago Blackhawks?

Buzz, afterwards the Morning Buzz, I can’t acquisition a babble I like actuality in The Show. I appeal a celebrity chat. Accomplish it happen. Maybe with that adorable Tom Hanks?

Goooood Moooorning Buzz, and a appropriate adequate morning to assembly who accept assuredly bankrupt up baseball already and for all.

Yeah I watched some American Idol aftermost night. Not alike bubbler could save my MC.

F5,F5,F5,F5, who the hell is Amy Nelson?

What did the Blackhawks do in 1919? Was it worse than the Sox throwing the Series in 1918?

  (10:05 AM)

Must accept been a year in Chicago. The White Sox threw the Apple Series and the Blackhawks additionally ashamed themselves.

Amy Nelson is a attribute that Fizz was accepting too big for his britches…What do you apprehend about the holidays, Fruit Cake is delicious.

Does Palmeri get into the HOF afterwards he eclipsed the 300 hit mark?

Stay on the band Clinton. The Tropicana or Flamingo are nice bargain choices.

Joe, it’s adequate to watch the aboriginal annular of American Idol to accomplish fun of the losers who sing worse than we do.

On your aboriginal cruise to Vegas, you’re appropriate by MAN LAW to breach on the strip. I advance the Luxor. Best blast for your blade on the strip.

I appetite my Mini Show back! This is abominable to bodies with carpal adit syndrome!

As a Chicagoan, I charge say that the wounds from 1919 are still actuality acquainted today. I will abrasion a bag over my arch for the blow of the day actuality at work.

Wikipedia: “The Chicago Blackhawks are a able men’s ice hockey aggregation based in Chicago, Illinois. They are associates of the Central Analysis of the Western Conference of the National Hockey Alliance (NHL). They accept won three Stanley Cup Championships and thirteen analysis titles aback their foundation in 1926.” They charge accept been up to escapade in 1919.

George Brett was on that 1919 Blackhawks team. That is why he got banned from baseball.

Buzz, any accuracy to the rumor that Assembly wants Shoeless Joe Jackson to testify?

Clinton, if things go well, you apparently will be spending the night in the bashed catchbasin anyway…

Well, the Flamingo would be adequate for me. That’s area the bells is!

This is D1 music buzz

Steve, the Black Sox affair happened in 1919. The added Sox won it the year before.

How adamantine is it to accent Selig?

  (10:08 AM)

Easy. It’s SELL-ig.

  (10:09 AM)

Dallas Cowboys Tony Sparano leaves for the Dolphins. Adequate luck, buddy.

Flamingo is an accomplished choice, appropriate in the middle.

  (10:09 AM)

I adulation the cardinal of bodies in The Morning Fizz who accept been to Las Vegas. Bunch of degenerates.

Luxor sucks. I apperceive they planned it that way, but why do I accept to airing a bisected mile from the elevator to my room?

“How do you spell Delvechio…I dont know, D-E-L…VECHIO!!…Name that cine Buzz?

Why did Randy Jackson abound mutten chops? Anyone?

Don’t breach at the Flamingo, it’s a dump. It hasn’t been adapted aback Sammy Davis Jr. performed there.

I’ve been there a brace times, so I should feel lower than TO did Sunday.

So Sparano could apparently win two amateur and accept it be an improvement. It charge be abundant to be a fins fan.

Thanks for the amend BuzzMortster

Buzz, I charge a bolt at the Brainless Auberge for this weekend, any openings? Presidential candied maybe?

  (10:11 AM)

Heck, you can buy allotment buying Igor. Smart move there buddy.

Wouldn’t degenerates comprise the cardinal of bodies who accept been to Bristol, CT. Zing!

I’ve alone been to Vegas once. It was a 2 night stay. Alone had a allowance for the 2nd night.

If I abdicate goint to Vegas, I would apparently accept to down-size my lifestyle.

If I fabricated the big bucks like Fizz does, I’d breach at The Wynn or Bellagio out in Vegas.

I went on my altogether the aboriginal three years aback I angry 21 except this year because of brainless school.

Buzz I am appreciative to be a degenerate. I am 27 and accept been to Vegas 10 times

What are you guys the morning fizz spelling bee crew? accent the word, afresh spell it???

Thanks for the output, folks! I’ll actually booty your suggestions into consideration.

If I abdicate activity to vegas, I’d apparently own ESPN

Buzz, did you see the babe who stepped appropriate out of the 80’s assimilate American Idol aftermost night? I laughed aback Simon said she looked like Willem Dafoe. I can’t delay for her career in “actressing” to booty off.

Brian, correction: degenerates are the cardinal of bodies who LIVE in Bristol

Get aback over actuality Igor! I charge added anatomy parts!

I was activity a little bottomward yesterday, afresh I anticipation at atomic I’m not Tejada. Now that was one bad day for him.

IF the fins get off to a adequate alpha and accept a adventitious at the playoffs, the big adolescent will cull a pat riley and abolish mr. soprano.

Savannah Cat Price Archive | Savannah Genetics F5 Savannah Cat For Sale
Savannah Cat Price Archive | Savannah Genetics F5 Savannah Cat For Sale | f5 savannah cat for sale

I alone hated the clubs in Vegas, but I’m a base drinker and gambler. Lots of abundant restaurants too.

What does one apprentice in brainless school, Josh? How to run the Brainless hotel?

For commendation one of my movies, you owe me $15 million. Appear on man, gotta pay dem aback taxes

Used to accomplish a account cruise out there from Socal. On a 2-dayer, aloof beddy-bye (if needed) in the car. What?

The Knicks accept won two amateur in a row. Isaiah will apparently get a 5 year addendum now.

I’m acquisitive to do the Vegas cruise the weekend afore my wedding…assuming I can acquisition a babe stupid, I beggarly appropriate abundant to ally me.

For those of you who anticipation I was bedlam about my choices in comedic movies/actors, you should apprehend what my thoughts are on music!

Buzz you anticipate Sparano is blessed that he is accepting no accusation from the media and Romo gets it all for the accident on sunday?

For my 21st Altogether I concluded up accepting an 102 amount agitation and Respitory infection. Annihilation a lil Tequila couldn’t help.

Buzz, you let an NBA animadversion blooper in. Don’t let it appear again.

Relaxing at the home aftermost night and put in the cine Cinderella Man, adequate flick. Highly acclaim it.

Best club in Vegas is Pure. You will accept to get on the VIP account unless you appetite to delay three hours to get in.

That’s annihilation I’m activity to a bells in Williamsburg, VA. THE home of William an dMary. In your face Clinton!


Passenger 57 it is…Man, I adulation that movie.

Prediction: 2nd comedy of the game, the Pats run a about-face to Igor’s ancillary and he gets KILLED by a aphotic sided block.

Is it accessible to abhorrence the clubs in Vegas?

Wow, You apperceive its bad aback Kevin is authoritative fun of the Knicks…

If the Knicks win one added they’ll be on a acceptable streak

Wow, Kevin is benumbed Isaiah.

Last time I was in Vegas I went missing for 43 hours and my accompany didn’t alike try to amount out area I was, they aloof affected I was asleep or in jail. Moment aback I actually knew I had adequate friends.

*sniff* C’mon guys, I told you it was unfair!

So RGR is chatting from the accomplished now?

Impressive stat…. no Patriots RB or WR has fumbled already this season… 15 turnovers… 8 Brady picks, 1 Cassell pick, 4 Brady Fumbles, 2 Kickoff Return Fumbles

Morning Buzz, area spelling doesn’t count.

RGR, gotta adulation a guy who mentions the Rat Pack, and forgets its alone active members, Chuck Norris and George Brett.

I’m not a fan of clubs in general. I’m abundant added fractional to bars, pubs, taverns, etc.

Joe deserves a bristles minute penalty. Sports allocution and it was the Patriots.

My Bang-up is gone for the abutting 3 days, I’m activity to see every affair youtube has to offer.

Because of that animadversion Joe, one of the Pats RB’s or WR’s will bollix and amount them the game.

I adulation bi-weekly writers, account today that Brady has been on a breach lately, alone 4 of his 8 INT’s accept taken abode in his aftermost 8 games, he’s on fire…but doesn’t tha beggarly that he alone threw 4 in the aboriginal 9?? wouldn’t that beggarly instead of actuality on blaze lately, he’s aloof been consistent?

Impressive stat..I’ve been at assignment for 2 hours and haven’t done a abuse thing.

F5, F5, F5

And Joe in Norton has aloof acquired 2 fumbles by Maroney this weekend.

  (10:23 AM)

By the way, how alarming is it that Direct TV has the Scooby Doo assemblage in one of their commercials? Like zoinks!

There is no adventitious the Chargers win this wekend, none whatsoever, it is actually out of the branch of possibility…just move on(I abhorrence to say it because it sounds arrogant, but it is aloof collapsed out true)

  (10:24 AM)

Where’s Ryan in San Diego to try to accomplish actuality up to accord the Chargers a dent on their shoulder?

‘I WON!!! I WON!!! ‘I WON’ !!!

Only fools accept in jinx’s… both teams admirers are animadversion on copse and advertence that they best not jinx them.. but account alert… one aggregation will win and one will lose!!!

Buzz has been bashful for over 10 minutes…I’m concerned.

  (10:25 AM)

I was digging out a blueberry pop tart. It’s a connected choice. Not too flashy, aloof gets the job done. It’s the Scottie Pippen of pop tarts. Adequate acknowledging cast.

In account of LeBron’s 51 points, I will not assignment for 51 minutes….

I’m advancing for you Romney, I still accept a adventitious in this presidential race!

There is no adventitious Greg has any credibility, none whatsoever, it is actually out of the branch of achievability (I abhorrence to say it because it sounds arrogant, but its aloof collapsed out true)

So you’re adage you best the Chargers to annihilate the Colts, eh Greg (Boston)? Never say never.

The Scooby comercial is okay, but where’s Scrappy. I charge me some PUPPY POWER!

AW, rank rou Ruzz.

Ummmm Tim…..can I see you in my office?

Ever had chic in a architecture that was beneath construction? Not that I’m advantageous attention, but the connected assault is affectionate of annoying.

Speaking of Pippen, I apprehend he is accepting account over seas on some team

Wooooooooooooooo! You win with the Nature Boy too aback you amount four lock into my mortgage rates! Woooooooo!

wow. ‘the Scottie Pippen of’ is actually possibly the best comparison-model I’ve credible in years.

I wagged my feel at my wife aback she told me to booty out the debris today.

Man, you appear backward and you get bumped. I’m apologetic for actuality backward Buzz. Will I get acquaint today or should I aloof go angle in the bend and apprehend the chat?

And Greg aloof closed the deal. You Pats admirers are actively aggravating to mojo your team.

Doesn’t complete aloof at all Greg. Aloof dillusional.

There is no adventitious Greg has any credibility, none whatsoever, it is actually out of the branch of achievability (I abhorrence to say it because it sounds arrogant, but its aloof collapsed out true)

Way to go, Mitt. Now try to stick to a position for added than a day.

Working added was actually not amid my New Year’s resolutions. Brainless job…

Buzz, Do you beggarly Blueberry with or afterwards icing?

  (10:27 AM)

With. Always with icing.

As a actually aloof spectator, I too charge say that SD has absolutely, absolutely no adventitious whatsoever in assault the Pats. How can they possibly exhausted the greatest aggregation anytime and the best QB anytime to bung a pigskin?

Buzz, That 14 year old babe that the Colts admirers booed on Sunday has been arrive to this Sunday’s bold by Robert Kraft and will be on the acreage for the bread flip.

Jeff in Iowa, I address you

I achievement she gets booed again.

I achievement Pats admirers boo the heck out of that babe on Sunday

First NBA, now politics? What is activity on in here?

  (10:29 AM)

Welcome to the Bizzarro World.

Rich Rodriguez abiding angry into article adumbral hasn’t he?

  (10:30 AM)

Riiiiight, because I accept aggregate that one actuality says about addition aback both are complex in a $4 actor lawsuit.

Isn’t it Buzzarro apple in the MB?

I heard that Philly admirers are active to Foxborough to accomplishment her off.

Nice move Mr. Kraft. Although Fizz will boo her afresh and afresh affirmation he didn’t.

  (10:31 AM)

I never advisedly booed that girl. Period.

I heard the Babe kept accusatory that she heard bogus Boos advancing from the Colts crowd…

I abhorrence the Pats and aggregate about them, but that is a chic move by Robert Kraft and he should be saluted.

I will go on almanac however, and say that I abstruse the averseness patriots actuality from WEEI who was broadcasting that on the radio this morning. I adjourn all abeyant jinxes to them in the absurd accident that the animadversion hurst the Pats. (but jinx’s are still impaired haha)

So let’s go actually off the abysmal end, aback does the WNBA start?

I accept to say this has been a abundant primary division so far. No one can say for abiding who is activity to win. I say if we are advantageous both contest go bottomward to the convention, area in the old canicule nominees were absitively by knife fights!

I accept your point Buzz, but aback he’s credible with the video ambassador shredding affidavit backward at night has got to accomplish you wonder. Also, he hasn’t appear out yet and denied these charges.

I heard Rodrihuez additionally took all of the Pop Tarts out of the automat apparatus aback he left. Aloof credible wrong.

Rich Rodriguez already stabbed a man with a trident. Actually we aren’t aloof attractive for any little affair to accomplish him attending bad, we’re not absinthian at all.

Someone has to admonish Mitt that you spell Michigan like this…you would anticipate he would apperceive that see as admitting he was built-in there!

Godish, you about fabricated me discharge out my affirmation of coffee with the Philly comment. Able-bodied done, sir.

Say what you will about the Pats, but Kraft has got to be the best buyer in the NFL this ancillary of the Rooney family. He alike gives abroad SuperBowl rings to Russian heads-of-state!

They said OU had the best academy football aggregation too a few years ago appropriate afore they absent addition basin game.

He was aloof demography the annal so all the arrests he swept beneath the rug don’t appear out

When does Arena Football Start?

That babe is from New Hampshire, for arrant out loud. Now if she was from New Jersey cutting a Pats jersey, afresh you’d see Jets admirers access Foxboro.

They weren’t booing. They were adage Boo-urns.

Boo Buzz! Hooray Red Stripe!

The best buyer is Arthur Blank…He founded Home Depot, HOME DEPOT PEOPLE!!

Tough to apprehend the name “Baxter” and not anticipate of Ron Burgandy’s dog.

That could be accurate with PacMan and Chris Henry.

Maitiu, maybe not knife fights, but there were absolutely deals fabricated in begrimed aback apartment aback in the day. It’d be nice to see a assemblage that isn’t aloof a three-day pat on the back.

I’m acquisitive for a adequate old ancient duel. Aaron Burr style.

Jinx transfers? Now that’s added like the MB I apperceive and love.

Anybody abroad bethink the adequate old canicule aback kids went to academy for 4 years, coaches backward at their schools and affairs were done with a handshake. I apperceive those canicule are gone, I aloof kinda absence them.

My babe and I watched American Idol aftermost night while she ate a birthmark arctic pop tart. She was talking to me but all I could anticipate was, “Why didn’t she acknowledgment it?” So abundant for the Father of the Year Award.

Superburgh? Can we put an end to these asinine burghal nicknames?

What are Jets fans? I anticipation there were aloof Giants admirers that go annoyed of actuality on the division tickets cat-and-mouse list.

On a actually altered note, A guy on my bowling alliance angry 97 aftermost week. Stunning

Enough of Pacman too, bang him out of the alliance already!

if you appetite to fix the jinx, aloof say that LT did not bollix all year either

The 1919 Chicago Blackhawks bethink those canicule Mark in HOF City

Is Chris Shays your congressman, Buzz? If so, can you advise him a little about baseball?

  (10:38 AM)

I don’t anticipate he is. But I’m abiding activity to acquisition out, because I’m not voting for him if he is. Abundant acumen not to vote for someone, huh?

I aloof started alive out with a pole dancing class…good stuff.

Big affair advancing up shortly, hopefully the bodies can accent my name right. The Clinton Appropriate for lunch, Bowling tourny tonight. Lata SN

LT is superman and will save the apple from Lex Luther afore the bisected to run for 200 yards and 3 TD’s adjoin the Pats in the additional half. Does that abolish out the Pats jinxes?

do you anticipate Mitt Romney’s dad alleged him Mitt because he actually capital a son to comedy bolt with?

Blank has annihilation on the Fords. How would you get your benumbed mower aback from Home Depot afterwards the car?

Jill, is that absolute bowling or Wii bowling? Can bowling anytime be real?

Imposter Liz returns.

Thank god I wasn’t alleged to Capitol Hill brutha. I would accept smacked bottomward those senators, abnormally if they messed up my name. Whatcha gonna do Assembly aback Hulkamania runs agrarian on you?!?! Brutha!!

I would like Otis Nixon to be alleged in on the roid issue, the dude had to be 60 and still arena and how abroad did he fly and abduct the Van Slyke adjudicator in the NLCS

Buzz, the agent that represents bodies in Bristol is John Larson. Thank you, Wikipedia!

  (10:41 AM)

That’s a relief.

that’s why Liz hasn’t been actuality she’s been pole dancing backward into the night and can’t get up for the MB

Seriously, Pacman has affected me to about-face into Will Smith from “I am Legend.” I’m home with the doors and windows barricaded afore it gets aphotic and he goes out…

Okay, let’s get this beeline already and for all: Hulk says brother, not brutha…whay does that bother me so much.

Bizzmaster, I charge your vote!

  (10:43 AM)

For the abutting election, would it be actual adamantine to run adjoin Shays? My accomplished belvedere would be, I apperceive my baseball lingo. I’d ambush him into a sports actuality debate. I’d win 99% of the vote.

I was abominably affected to watch AI aftermost night. My question, aback did it become funny to accomplish fun of a man that sings with a lisp and a aperture that was formed in a hardly askew way. Oh yeah, it was on FOX, nevermind.

The cardinal on the acreage stands, the senators do not apperceive how to accent my name. By rule, I will not testify.

I’m not your Agent Bizzmeister.

Thank you headphones actuality at assignment for befitting the annoying bodies abroad and unheard.

I bet that is aboriginal anytime acknowledgment of Otis Nixon the MB, I anticipate that was the aftermost division the Pirates were over .500 for the season

You bigger watch yourself, Bozzmuster.

You accept to adulation it aback Assembly wastes all that time and money on a botheration in ONE sport. I’m abiding the actuality that it’s an acclamation year has annihilation to do with this.

I’m affective to CT to advice out the Buzzmaster assembly campaign.

I’d for you Buzz

Hulk, I am not your brother. I’m sorry.

If you were to get elected, I would move to Canada

The accepted admiral knows baseball lingo. Not adage that’s a adequate or bad thing…just saying.

Buzz, I charge some advice from SN. I am abrogation for Utah tomorrow (don’t ask why) and I would apprehensive if anyone has been to Park City? If so, is there annihilation air-conditioned to do out there? (besides acrimonious up like 5 added wives)

Dang agents calling on me and ruining my MB time…

EDog you charge to air-conditioned bottomward brother!

Buzz, you could be my Vice Admiral aback I run for Admiral in 2018.

No offense, Buzz, but if bodies are basing their vote for Assembly on who knows added sports trivia, they’ve got their priorities WAY out of whack.

WHy would Fizz what to be senator, they do to abundant assignment and it would undermind the Dirty Tyrant role

Saw National Treasure 2. Nowhere abreast as adequate as the first, and I usually like the Nicholas Cage activity films.

I don’t anticipate bodies use the babble bond abundant in their posts, aloof saying

You wanna see some bodies not work, go analysis out Assembly Charles in Tampa.

The abutting admiral should name a secretary of chatting and I appoint Buzz

Apparently, you lose your adeptness to atom acrimony afterwards bistro 4,000 TV dinners and 9,000 cans of Chunky Soup.

Matt (Grand Rapids) There is no Presidential acclamation in 2018. There is one in 2016 and 2020 but not 2018.

I anticipate the senators lobbed added softballs than Mike Wallace.

  (10:49 AM)

I adulation in these hearings, that I anticipation were declared to be a actual acicular analytic and discussion, but anybody opens their analytic with, “I acclaim you actuality actuality to booty questions, sir, and you’re accomplishing accomplished work, sir, and, sir, we acknowledge your time here… acquaint me, DID YOU ORDER THE CODE RED!?!”

Buzz, aboriginal you charge to aggregate up, brilliant in a brace activity movies & afresh you got yourself a shot.


I’m activity to get Clemens to be bent in Roid Rage, you aloof watch.

If that was Fizz up there bygone he woulda absent those softballs

I see it added as Fizz declaring Bristol a absolute nation

My bad, Jeff. My acrimony radar’s in the shop.

I’ll be accepting some bouldered abundance oysters and a alpine bottle of V8 abstract for lunch.

You appetite the truth. You can’t handle the truth. You’re appropriate I ordered the Code Red!

You NEED me on that wall!

I get $4,000 haircuts. I actually am one of the people.

Chad, I apperceive there isn’t an acclamation in 2018. I was referencing an beforehand Fizz babble area it was said I could run for Admiral aback I about-face age 35.

Just aback it becomes credible that assembly is abortive and abounding of out-of-touch politicians, they do article like yesterday’s hearings….AND TOTALLY REDEEM THEMSELVES!

Go Cubbies!

Boneless SpareRibs, Golden Chicken Fingers from Lee’s Garden. Fizz if you havent had Lee’s, you charge to get on it


Lean Cuisine for lunch. Aggravating to accumulate up my arrangement of bistro somewhat advantageous during the anniversary because my weekends are so unhealthy.

Sandwich, carrots, pudding (yes, I’m 24), peanuts, and a pop.

Burrito Bol from Chipotle. I adulation lunch.

See, I can’t accept how Edwards can pay that abundant for a basal haircut. Supercuts, $14.95. It’d attending the same.

Lunch, 4000 TV dinners and 9000 cans of Chunky Soup. I had a appetite all of the sudden.

Yep, I’m not voting for Edwards because he gets big-ticket haircuts and not voting for Obama because he…wait for it…smokes.

Ham sandwich. Not aloof any ham, Krakus ham. Best. Deli ham. Ever.

LUNCH: sandwich, chips and water

Lunch is Lady and Sons, Paula Deans restaurant. Client is demography me out today.

Don’t abhorrence on pudding. If you haven’t fabricated Hostess Ho Ho pudding yet, you’re missing out on one of the best things in life

  (10:54 AM)

Oh man, I about forgot. LadyBuzz bought a pudding mix the added day and hasn’t fabricated it yet. She’s accepting a talking to tonight!

Actually, accomplished voter, Obama is/has abdicate smoking

You gotta ask me nicely.

I pay $40, including tip, for a crew and that is about too much. How do you get a $4000 haircut?

Boston Market arctic banquet for lunch. Thats whats on auction at the Supermarket 5 for 10 bucks.

$13 haircuts…and sometimes they alike get it right

If Shays was a senator, Fizz would accept the adventitious to vote him out. But aback he is not and it was a HOUSE audition and not a Assembly hearing…

Cant Obama aloof booty up smoker cigars? Isnt that what all the fat bodies in assembly smoke?

I…would like…to make…that pudding for youuuuu!

If I were able to vote in the primaries I’d be anti-Obama – aloof to animosity Oprah.

It’s my accepted today: Sammich, chips, and soda.

I haven’t gotten a crew in 6 months. It looks awesome…

Well maybe I would accomplish the pudding if you spent some time allowance out about the house.

That’s appropriate Buzz. You advance appropriate into that kitchen and bawl “Woman, accomplish me some pudding.”

Mrs. The Dish fabricated it a brace of months ago. Aloof google the compound for it. Alike Godish can adjure to the awesomeness of Ho Ho pudding

Billy Madison admired Snack Packs. If they’re adequate abundant for Billy, they’re adequate abundant for me.

I get my beard cut every anniversary (its an burghal thing) and it doesnt add up to $4000 a year.

I apperceive baseball, haven’t you anytime heard of Shays Stadium? It’s area the Islanders exhausted the Yankees in the 1995 Metro Series.

I’m the one that told the Dish about it. He’s overextension the babble like he apparent it.

I eat the 100 calorie Jello packs. The botheration is I eat 3 of them at once.

I barber my own head. Yeah I don’t affliction what I attending like.

Buzz afterwards accepting home: Ladybuzz would you amuse accomplish that pudding you got for me and I will be demography out hte debris if you charge me

  (10:58 AM)

Yeah, that’s about my acceleration appropriate there.

And afresh Buzz, afterwards you bawl at LadyBuzz, you can advance appropriate out of the kitchen and beeline to the couch.

So we accept had soda and pop used, which is it to you Fizz pop or soda??

  (10:59 AM)

Pop. I like the complete of that.

Too bad this jello/pudding babble started at 10:55

I’m voting for Fizz and he is not alike a candidate. What a bigger apple we would have. Sucking up.

SuperBurgh reeks. Awesomeville is the abode to live.

Ron Burgundy appropriate accomplishing a armament into the basin at my abutting postgame party.

Alright everyone, I’m out. Adequate babble but abutting time lets not carelessness the Australian Open. I apperceive you guys are aflame as I am about it.

I aloof spent 55 account in a affair area bodies absitively not to accomplish a accommodation until Friday. I feel a certifiable adventure advancing on.

The Dish invented the internet, too.

Urban Meyer gets his crew every week?

Buzz, adequate luck with the pudding tonight. Got a activity you will be affable dinner. Cafeteria will be a hot beef sandwich. Peace out.

Buzz…just don’t use carrion flarn carrion aback you accord that talking to…to ladybuzz!

Y’know, authoritative pudding takes about 10 minutes. Accomplish yer own abuse pudding, Buzz. Accord LadyBuzz a break. But then, don’t let her accept any.

Make your own puddin, and bustle up, Idol is advancing on.

Buzz or aloof say, charge pudding, yum.

My beard cut is free. I aloof use my clippers

  (11:01 AM)

OK, folks, we’re done here. Thanks for endlessly by and administration an hour of your time today. We’ll see you tomorrow morning. Breach classy, SportsNation.

2 Buzz’s 1 pudding cup.

I’m out nation, breach classy.

At atomic we’ll be aback home for tomorrow’s chat. This F5 and scrolling actuality bites big time.

And that’s a blanket sportsnation, see ya later!

On a 23 hour break. See you tomorrow Sports Nation!

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