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You apperceive it, you adulation it; it’s The Show. Accompany us Tuesday to babble with Matt Mosley, Andy Katz, Rob Neyer, Chad Ford and many, abounding more. Alpha the day with me at 10 a,m. ET!

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Gooooooooooooooooooood morning!

  (10:00 AM)

I abhorrence aback Tuesdays feel like Mondays.

I achievement that both of the admirers watching Monday Night Football enjoyed aftermost night’s game.

Did the attendant address that intro? It abiding wasn’t the aforementioned guy that was attractive to bang addition in the face yesterday.

  (10:00 AM)

Watch your argot or I’ll bang you in the face.

So Canadians are afeared of the dark, eh? Amazing what one learns by watching TV.

This aloof in…. Phil Mickelson is not able-bodied liked. Maybe he should alpha blind out at Hooters.

Fantasy football is over with for the year in 6 days. I’m acutely agitated about this.

Welcome all my accompany to the appearance that never ends. Appear inside, appear inside….

I started a Facebook folio that some of you guys could advice me with. Advice for fat dudes.

Buzz if you’ll be my abutting EX… I’ll accord you 75 million.

  (10:01 AM)


Until they actively alpha hitting anniversary added with golf clubs, I debris to pay absorption to the Tiger Woods/Phil Mickelson feud.

Good morning Fizz Nation and Chuck, we’ll see you aback with new episodes on February 2nd.

Fiancee, fiancee, fiancee, fiancee

Couldn’t Barkley accept aloof said the hiring was turrible and we would all understand?

We will win now that we accept sharks with freaking laser beams on them.

Is this the Buzzmaster? Do you booty fantasy questions? If so, I’m arena in my championship bold this anniversary and charge to apperceive if i should comedy Barber or S. Jackson this week.

You apperceive its a assurance of the times aback what a caddy says dominates the advanced folio of every above Sports site…

  (10:02 AM)

I accept it is aback it’s the greatest golfer of all-time’s caddy.

Lost is advancing back…how are they activity to acquisition an island that disappeared!!!

Steve Williams is offically on my idiot list. Tiger accursed his aftermost caddie, Fluff, for accepting too big of a accessible persona. Who would accident all the money you get caddying for Tiger b/c you don’t like someone?

I don’t anticipate Guy Richie got abundant in the settlement. Putting up with Madonna for as continued as he did has got to be account 10 times more.

Madonna absent 75 Mil in that divorce. She will accretion 125 Mil in the A-Rod divorce.

Phillies assurance Phil Niekro and Leroy Robert “Satchel” Paige to one-year deals.

I’m absolutely acceptable at actuality fat.

Today does feel like monday. Sup buzz, nation.

So alive from Savannah to LV I anesthetized through Oklahoma City and saw the HQ of Sonic. Best armpit on the accomplished trip.

  (10:03 AM)

Chad, they’re alleged the Thunder now. Dumb nickname, I know.

I’ve got a fiancee too, but I don’t accompany it up EVERY CHAT.

The bizzaro Britney Spears is advancing over for the holidays. Sober, overdressed and sober.

Nothing like arctic amber amoroso pop tarts to bless my fantasy aggregation activity to the championship bold this week!

Buzz is your ancestor activity to leave Entertainment Tonight and accompany armament with you to advice you with your aegis during the MB.

  (10:04 AM)

Don’t charge any aegis in this chat. Everything is too offensive.

Hey fizz can you assurance me to a one year deal? I’ll lose the weight by April.

After the holidays, I ability accept to accompany your Facebook page, Joe.

It’s activity to be 72 actuality Thursday. Eat that Northeast.

I accusation the abridgement on Isiah Thomas

As a adolescent Husker, I’m animated Turner Gill did not get the Auburn job. He deserves better.

This babble is abhorrent like the D’Antoni system

Buzz- I aloof had the affliction 2 day amplitude in sports. Fisher casual up a gw fg from 49 out, and afresh Cleveland State advancing into the arch and assault my cuse on a 67 footer.

Good morning, ladies, gentlemen, and Kev.

First blast of the winter actuality in my allotment of Iowa. It’s a affable snowfall, but abundant to accumulate Nate in his apartment.

I’m big boned!

Sorry I’m late..frying eggs is no accessible task

So what Robert? It is consistently 65 degrees in your cell.

Turns off the lights to get rid of all the Canadians.

I did alarm chic on that attack by the way

Junior, try NutriSystem! I acclaim the Pot Roast!

4 fantasy leagues, fabricated it to 3 championship amateur advancing up this weekend, this year has been…..wait for it…..legendary. Bow in my abhorrent fantasy presence. Talented Mr. Roto has annihilation on me.

  (10:07 AM)

Yeah, if you booty abroad the spots on TV, the job at ESPN and apparently the money too.

When is the Christmas Adventure Marathon starting?

Sam Bradford rang the alarm this morning actuality at the NYSE.

Agreed Efrain. I consistently go scrambled. Abundant easier.

I’m not so abundant fat as added and added than I charge to be.

I accept to say, that’s absolutely boilerplate abutting to the affliction two-day aeon in sports.

And because of your hubris, Brian, you will now lose all 3 of your championship games. Pride goeth afore a fall, sir.

Brian, that column isn’t alike account a boooo.

Except the TMR has a job with a paycheck.

The Tuesday acclamation mcwhinerson accolade needs to go to all Titan admirers that ambition Fisher was to accusation for that accident Sunday. Put it in the endzone already and it wouldn’t appear bottomward to that. H-Town aegis was too tough. Boo hoo hoo!

So we’re declared to get some sleet, freezing rain, and snow, and everyone’s freaking out. It’s Indiana…what do you expect, people?

That agreeable you heard was the Steinbrenners picturing Teixeira in a Red Sox uniform

A Fizz affiche knows the babble hubris?

In Indiana, I apprehend plight. Kids, do you see all the plight?

I consistently knew Brian was a NERD!

Oh it’s guaranteed, anytime I allocution accurately about article I lose, but I still adulation accomplishing it.

Frying eggs IS an accessible task. It booty like 12 abnormal Fran.

If the affliction sports day consists of two absurd losses afresh I accept actual little sympathy. That doesn’t attending like it’s spelled right.

Rafael Furcal is aback in Atlanta. Amuse alibi my underwhelming acknowledgment to that bit of news.

Fact – Shakespeare acclimated to apprehend his assignment to Clinton afore publishing it.

Woah, now delay a minute. Don’t be lumping me in with that gloater.

Bringing the 1-AA babble this morning, attending for the Montana Grizzlies to win the football championship this Friday night on ESPN.

I already saw a guy in a Corvette fly accomplished me in Indiana during a snow storm. At the time, I affected he was dispatch home to get out of the snow. Three afar up the road, I anesthetized the bones in the ditch. Note to Corvette guy: 85 mph during a whiteout is a poor choice.

  (10:11 AM)

As continued as he was OK, I say, serves him right.

Scanning Tim’s post…You’re good, Tim. Carry on.

Rafael Furcal is todays Andruw Jones.

Don’t anguish Buzz, I’m here. Now we can start…Oh you already started.

My bruised attack at ball shall abode me forever

(picturing Steve alive by and giving a bird to a afire abundance of Corvette)

The Detroit admirers attending aback affectionately on the time their aggregation had alone 2 losses.

Is every Sunday in Detroit Groundhog Day?

Christmas Vacation Begins at 4PM!!

Ah, Jeff, you’re bringing aback acceptable memories…imagine accepting a bastard examination on all those abundant plays. Acceptable times, acceptable times.

By the way, boys, nice $.25 about RGR on the Facebook page. Tom, I could not stop bedlam aftermost night.

Seemed to be ok, but I didn’t stop. My associate capital to stop and point at him while laughing, tho.

Debating amid acclimation aliment aftermost night or authoritative something, adjudge to accomplish eggs and absurd potatoes. Afterwards I burnt the potatoes and alone one of eggs, on the ancillary of the frying pan axis it into a adapted accumulation of blend I knew I fabricated the amiss choice.

  (10:13 AM)

This adventure will not abruptness anyone in this chat.

Every football division is Groundhog Day for Lions fans…

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Afrikhan Savannah Cats And Kittens Available To Purchase Here | f5 savannah cat

MLB 2008, winter of overpaying.

Corvette guy was apparently on the phone

Type slowly. I saw the spelling cops aback there.

Mr. Golic, what are the affairs that the giants become this years cowboys. Best in NFC but one and done

Us Lions admirers will consistently accept the Preseason Championship. 4-0 baby!!!

Hey Buzz, accustomed Brian a break. At atomic he fabricated a accommodation at the end.

Whaddya anticipate about trading Brady and befitting Cassel?

  (10:15 AM)

Not activity to happen.

Don’t balloon that I still accept a bench in the Assembly up for grabs to the accomplished bidder. Don’t acquaint anyone though

Nate, isn’t that every winter in MLB?

Even activity Booos Brian.

Buzz did you bastard an ONB column in on us? Bran Bran MUST be an ONBer.

  (10:16 AM)


Lions will assurance Cassel……….and will win 2 amateur abutting year

Only and idiot would anticipate trading Brady is a acceptable idea

Rod Blagojevich should aloof accredit Michael Jordan to that assembly seat.

So Peter’s adage Matt Cassel is the abutting Jon Kitna?

It’s consistently Tommy, Tommy, Tommy!

Only an idiot would put and instead of an too

Good assignment by the nameless advocate who wrote the letter I am reviewing. Seems absurd the kid advised 4,682 kilograms at birth.

I see that Starbury has absitively to abort Steve and Barry’s as well.

Internet aphorism cardinal 1 = aback calling addition an idiot or article stupid, don’t misspell annihilation while do it.

I anticipate trading Brady would be a acceptable idea.

The Patroits should use two QBs at one time. Aback they’re in shotgun formation, anybody will be apprehensive who’s accepting the ball! LOL!

But Cassel’s aboriginal year is abundant bigger than Brady’s so far….

But afresh MJ may action it abroad on a annular of golf, so that wont assignment either.

Michael Jordan is apparently the alone one that can allow the seat.

I feel apologetic for Casell or Bradford as one is likley to be sacked about 50 times abutting year while arena for the Lions.

Chad, I’m alive active the Hornets or Cougars or what anytime they are called.

Yeah, I would barter Brady, too.

That’s 15 yards on the breach for inappropriate announcement of the belletrist L, O, and L. Additional down.

I anticipate watching the Bengals this division has destroyed poor Seth’s brain.

Brady would accompany a ton (2000 lbs) of abstract choices, he could advice any aggregation by accretion admission sales and the cardinal of supermodels blind about the field.

Patriots are not alike activity to accomplish the playoffs, but Cassell is your man. Smart.

Do the sacks adjoin Lions quarterbacks still calculation if the bold is blacked out and cipher is at Ford Field?

Maybe the Bears could barter the Illinois assembly bench for Tom Brady.

Buzz did you see that drillmaster that texted his resignation? Can you do that?

Every column claiming to be Michael Jordan should end in FORE!!

I went to Steve and Barry’s aftermost night. Picked up two new t-shirts for a absolute of $3.98. Thanks Stephon!

2,000 lbs of abstract choices? What is that, 6 linemen and a QB?

True adventure about Michael Jordan. My wife was the administrator of a auberge in New Orleans aback we lived there. MJ backward there while still arena and larboard a analysis at the advanced board for Harrah’s to aces up. That analysis was for over $300,000.

76 Bucs aggregation is accepting the albino ready

  (10:22 AM)

Wouldn’t it be added like balmy Beast?

The sack almanac is the alone almanac David Carr will anytime have. Don’t booty it abroad from Mr. Mittens!

Buzz, are you alike advantageous attention?

  (10:23 AM)

God, I try not to.

I bought my son a brace of brace of Starbury shoes for 9$. He’s had abate problems anytime since. Apparently the shoe are of the aforementioned ilk as Stephon.

I would achievement the teams that are attractive into trading for Cassel, they booty a attending at Derek Anderson aftermost year and this year.

Was it one of those behemothic checks Chad?

Buzz, Beast is too expensive. It will be balmy Keystone or Blatz.

With Peterson gone as GM of the Chiefs is herm edwards out the aperture at the end of the season….please say yes.

I will abide to PLAY…TO WIN..THE GAME.

Who writes checks?

Just the anticipation of Blatz is giving me a low brand headache

If the Saints win out what are the allowance they accomplish the playoffs

  (10:25 AM)


Chad, you assume to move a lot. On the run from the law?

You ability comedy to win but the aggregation plays to lose

thanks buzzmaster 🙁

Yeah, to Harrah’s. That’s who’s acrimonious up the check. Sure. Aloof don’t acquaint David Stern please.

I like those odds! Gimme the Saints. FORE!

Are you the Fuzz, Dave?

Want some egg nog, Buzz? Actually, it’s aloof rum. It chock-full actuality egg nog about a half-hour ago.

Get that emoticon affiche Hoculi.

Chad larboard Georgia to escape the Russians. Duh.

Yeah, Ben. The aggregation advisedly goes out and loses every week. Booty bristles account and anticipate about the abundantly brainless column you aloof threw out there.

  (10:28 AM)

Easy cowboy. It was a joke.

Fact : Jordan doesn’t accept anymore basketball money and lives off of Space Jam.

Buzz, if you afflicted your name to CC Sabuzzmaster, would you accomplish added $$?

Getting about ONB time, Buzz…

  (10:29 AM)

Let’s do it….

Yea for the Hawkeyes

what mcnabb needs is assured players about him. like westbrook! theres no agnosticism he is a acceptable qb and can booty his aggregation to a championship but he lacks players that accept they can do it. T.O. for instance, he acquired agitation but he knew he could get the job done

dont like the show

Do you anticipate Ohio State is a able adversary in the Big Ten and can they go far in advance madness

i am actual acceptable fan of tennesee titans can the titans accomplish it to the playoffs

to chase up my animadversion about a playoff arrangement the added teams that accomplished with annal acceptable abundant for basin amateur get to go to the basin games. Still comedy the civic championship at one of the BCS basin sites.

What are the Eagles’ affairs at the playoffs?

  (10:29 AM)

And that’s it…kinda lame.

Is the Fuzz like Buzz’s affronted twin? Or, because Fizz is a bedraggled tyrant, would that accomplish the Fuzz a benevolent figurehead?

I admiration if the Mets will still be alive in the FA bazaar now that Fred Wilpon’s absent money with that Madoff clown

Harrah’s New Orleans doesn’t accept a SportsBook so David Stern has no worries.

Just as a little anniversary FYI: if you get a adventitious to see TSO (Trans-Siberian Orchestra for the musically impaired), by all agency GO! Best Christmas Rock Accumulation Ever.

Milton in Bowling Green should’ve asked if he could accept his stapler back.

Clinton is acceptable aged with age.

I acknowledge the Chiefs absolution the Chargers win. Now I would acknowledge the Broncos losing

We accept actionable action adjoin Justin, application an emoticon in chat, 5 backyard penalty, it charcoal 2nd down


Wouldn’t the ONB consistently be bruised on Tuesdays aback you babble til 1130pm every monday? I aloof accept to stick up for the ONB this morning.

  (10:31 AM)

Traitor….People get accomplished for treason, you know.

Savannah Cat Album On Imgur F5 Savannah Cat
Savannah Cat Album On Imgur F5 Savannah Cat | f5 savannah cat

I anticipate babble is accepting about in the dork, er, ONB association that they are actuality mocked in the MB. So, they may be channeling their activity elsewhere.

Mark throws out the acronym for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and afresh accusation us?

I anticipate Steven could fix the BCS. Too bad he’s absent in the ONB.

the apparition of christmas accomplished will be advantageous a appointment to Clinton

Hmmm, is this babble aloof a agglomeration of guys authoritative fun of anniversary other? Do you all allocution about sports at all? Either way I anticipate I am in!

  (10:32 AM)

Welcome. Either way, we’re animated to accept you….now accumulate up.

The ONB was wiggity wiggity wack.

The ONB is alone bruised on canicule that end with the belletrist “day”

If that’s true, afresh the Apparition of Christmas Accomplished will be accepting a very, very, actual continued night.

Should the ONB chiggity analysis itself afore ir riggity wrecks itself, too, Matt?

Poor Molly. SHe has no abstraction what she’s gotten herself into.

Roberts jokes are alone bruised whenever he is cogent them.

Hi Molly. Are you a 42 year old guy announcement as a babe too? Ummm. Balloon that.

Molly, do you like to apathetic bottomward and attending at car wrecks?

Duh Molly. Catch up. I’m in jail. Clinton is old. Jeff’s 15 year old babe dates a 30 year old. Brian sucks at life. Fizz hates steak. Steve is affianced but can’t accomplishment his book. It’s actual simple.

Buzz, be careful. The column appointment is adage that tomorrow will be the busiest ONB commitment day of the year.

Welcome to the insanity, Molly.

I accept that was a Kris Kross reference, I feel abashed alive that.

So does that kid from Cleveland State win a car for hitting a half-court shot?

  (10:35 AM)

Nope. He gets chargeless tuition.

I anticipation is algid actuality arctic in carbonite and actuality on Jabba’s wall, but this acclimate is ridiculous.

Good Golly Miss Molly…

I was charwoman my allowance aftermost night and stumbled aloft this old NBA Superstars VHS. The one with Magic, Bird, Jordan, The Dream, etc. All accept their little segments to songs from the 80’s. Anticipate my admired is Hakeem’s to Kool Moe Dee.

Dang, Robert. You could advertise that to ABC as a soap opera.


Just to ablaze that up Molly, Its Brian from Wisconsin that sucks at life.

Robert: You forgot to acquaint Molly that Matt Damon spends a lot of time at Buzz’s active quarters, and that Fizz eats pop tarts and drives a Schwinn. Added than that, acceptable work.

Hans Solo is Han Solo’s German brother. He’s acid sandals and socks appropriate now.

don’t balloon that Ray Gordon Reid is crazy

Robert, I anticipate we charge to get accomplished the awful 30-year-old admirer stuff. Booty a attack at corn, farming, Nebraska, F150s but the being about my babe is really, absolutely lame.

Why do I comedy fantasy football? I’m done with it. Never again

Solo is German? Hans. Is Chewbacca Scandanavian too?

You lose alarmist credibility there. It’s HAN Solo and let’s not balloon the time he spent on Hoth, Mister…

And Nate drinks all day and night and has Russian mail adjustment girlfriends (have to be alike handed with the bashing here).

BOOO to the Han Solo attempt. That was aloof weaksauce from the get-go.

They could alarm it General Hospital for The Insane.

Does that ray gordon reid affiche apprehend 60610 breadth cipher is in abreast arctic Chicago?

  (10:39 AM)

Good. Hopefully he books his flights by analytic zip code.

Hans Solo is me brother!

I apprehend the Death Star is in foreclosure

Does this Clinton cat beam at anything? Why so angry?

Amstrdam is in Germany, Fizz backs into things while acid out pictures of Lady Buzz’s Christmas presents while singing Umbrella ella ella ella. Mustard Burglers are accustomed in the greater Bristol area.

Ryan ancestor collars and Mike throws couches….

Correction: Chewbacca is greek.

Hit it again!

Jeff additionally farms Doritos.

Chewbacca is alone Scandinavian if he is from Sweden, Norway or Finland. And, maybe Denmark on a acceptable day.

A. Brian drinks added afresh me, but I assumption I can booty that title. B. Where did the Russian mail adjustment helpmate appear from? The babe I anachronous that wasn’t actionable but wasn’t a acknowledged aborigine yet was from Peru.

Molly ability additionally appetite to alpha watching The Appointment so she can accumulate up with the Friday AM chat.

People who anticipate trading Brady is a acceptable abstraction should be shot. Extreme? Yes, but fitting. Brainless to alike accede it. Cassel, because he HADN’T STARTED A GAME SINCE HIGH SCHOOL, has done a astounding job this year, he’s not the acumen they will apparently not accomplish the playoffs. Booty a attending at the cardinal of players on IR and you’ll get the picture.

Molly, you should additionally be acquainted of the words ‘shenanigans’ ‘clownshoes’ ‘weaksauce’ and ‘Jalter’s mom’s basement’

Clinton, You are my father

JB from TX cruises the banty flick alley at Best Buy for women.

The X Wing architect is allurement the Empire for a bailout?

Really, Molly, if we haven’t afraid you abroad by now, you should aloof analysis the Facebook accumulation folio for all the pertinent background.

Don’t balloon crimed. Crimed (v) – agency to be crimed.

Oh, and George Brett is a God.

Also, every aggregation is America’s aggregation according to Brian in Madison.

We additionally say things that are trash, garbage, animal waste, etc. are Pure Pulse. For example, abundant of what we column in the babble anniversary day is Pure Pulse.

And The Suck.

You know.

All this rehashing has fabricated me apprehend that there has been no BB allocution for ages. Has this abominable appearance assuredly met it’s end?

Oh, and ONB agency Overnight Bin.

Wow, Kate got up backward and on the amiss ancillary of the bed.

I anticipate we afraid Molly off already.

So, I’m “working” from home today because I’m accepting my new TV delivered. In added words, I’m sitting actuality in my pajamas bubbler my coffee, watching the history approach and goofing off.

And, aftermost but not least, Al Gore invented EVERYTHING!

  (10:44 AM)

I achievement addition is autograph all of this down. This is like years of our appearance captivated into a agglomeration of posts. In account all of this, I assumption we absolutely are crumbling time here, aren’t we?

Molly has either been afraid off or is aimlessly demography addendum while we post.

Begin Kate in pajamas posts…

What affectionate of pajamas Kate?

And Carl Everett doesn’t accept in ANYTHING!

You could accept the agent abatement on any X Wing Fighter and a chargeless catchbasin of fuel

Tom, you aloof fabricated me anticipate of Groundhog Day with the George Brett post. I’m A god, I’m not THE god…

Molly, you additionally charge to apperceive that fizz wrestles with a satelitte bowl whose base mysteriously gets chewed. We doubtable the oil man

Molly, you should additionally apperceive that Nate is from Wisconsin but is afraid of snow.

Buzz: Psst, we can consistently book out the archetype of the babble later.

Hey Buzzy, aloof capital to pop in & say hi to you & all of the morning fizz crew… Aloof got aback from the honeymoon, snow was awesome!!

WIR = Anniversary in Review.

Yers Buzz, we are crumbling time and you are the administrator resposible for it all.

Let’s see: years of a agglomeration of posts captivated into a agglomeration of posts about a agglomeration of posts. Yep. That aloof about covers it.

How did we balloon that Fizz is a bedraggled tyrant

And Ryan in San Diego wins the Awful McCreeperson award! Way to go, kid! Pop that collar for the photographers!

True Molly, I additionally invented Mark


Zubaz and Crocs are the official apparel of teh MB.

And James, Ca. loves White Castle.

And Molly, never, anytime animate Ray Gordon Reid.

And Steve from NJ has a fiance and brand to see bodies accept career catastrophe injuries.

Writing this down? Buzz, you annal this stuff. We’re too apathetic to do our own writing-down-of-things.

F5 F5 F5 F5 on Wendesdays

Oops, gotta run. I accept to run a 10 am meeting. Thank advantage for Outlook reminders. Accept a air-conditioned day everyone

You aloof now ample out this is a decay of time?? If you weren’t my cousin’s kid…

Forget the snow, James, how abounding sliders did you eat during the honeymoon?

Snow was awesome. Alone a Californian…

Born New Savannah SBT (F8) Kitten | DOMUS FELINA SAVANNAHS F5 Savannah Cat
Born New Savannah SBT (F8) Kitten | DOMUS FELINA SAVANNAHS F5 Savannah Cat | f5 savannah cat

Yo Fizz what up.

  (10:47 AM)


Canada is a day advanced of the blow of the world. Arctic Carolina, which will be at war with Iowa soon, is a day behind.

Molly, bethink annihilation is bigger aback it is captivated in bacon. Blanket your bacon with bacon.

Molly, 3 things you should know: RGR doesn’t like ablaze lights; doesn’t like water..and never, ever, beneath any affairs do you augment him afterwards midnight

So this appearance I’m watching about aphotic matter. I affirm I could tie that in to SN somehow. Aphotic amount – Morning Buzz?

You know.

Molly: In two minutes, cafeteria babble begins.

Buzz’s enemies are the Oil Man, kids on Wheelie shoes, the Pillsbury Dough Boy, The Dish, and pants.

Breakfast time, accept a acceptable one SN, break sassy.


Ray gordon reid are you a driver? You are all over the place!

Apparently Efrain saw Gremlin’s 2 on this weekend.

I’m a little ticked off at you losers for not advertence how boxy I am and how I bang the applesauce out of you punks on a circadian basis. Bigger accumulate your arch on a swivel, pansies.

I assumption todays babble should be labeled the YIR: years in review.

Sonic, Bristles Guys and In and Out Burger are additionally the official restaurants of the MB.

Mango Gatorade

Molly, they don’t boo, they say buuuuuu-rns

Somehow, I see Molly now coiled up into a fetal position, sucking her deride and adulatory she had never acquaint anything.

So, Molly, you still there? Yeah, didn’t anticipate so.

The Morning Fizz is enlightenment. The alone aphotic amount is the Fizz shaddow that we all alive in.

You guys are talking to Molly like she’s still here. Pretty abiding she larboard afterwards her post.

Oh yeah, Canadians add the letter U to all words…favorite is favourite.

*shaking his head* Oh, Nate…that’s in the aboriginal Gremlins movie. I anticipate that’s a 10-minute major, man.

Lunch – aftermost of the extra brisket, apple. H20.

Lunch: Tuna sandwich, chips and Mango Gatorade AM

Lunch: It’s a bake meal again.

Rafeal Furcal is activity to assurance with Braves.

All I capital to apperceive is what Molly was accepting for lunch.

I am Canadian don’t back-bite me man.

Lunch: branch to Toys R Us

Lunch: Absurd corned beef and swiss sandwich fabricated by my wife. Outstanding work!

That’s cool, maybe Rafael Fucal will assurance too

Molly was apparently Joe in Idaho or something.

Jmerms, I anticipate you charge to buy a vowel.

Didnt eat any sliders, and yes the snow was alarming because I am in So Cali, and I abhorrence the heat, ambition i was active in the snow, deceit ski in sand!!!

Sorry, I am aloof aggravating to accumulate up.

Thank you Clinton…jeez

I acknowledge a peaceful war on canada

Steve, aka Howard Walowitz.

I aloof accomplished breakfast. I can’t anticipate about lunch. Although if a assertive cable aggregation #@#$@’s me out of a HD box today, I’ll be accepting them for dinner.

Lunch: Chocolate Cream Filled Poptart captivated in Bacon.

People aloof aflame because a new changeable acquaint in here. Afresh like absolute activity we creeped her out and chased her away.

Lunch = Bologna sandwich and grapefruit

Canadian bashing is aloof ham.

Kate, aka Kimbo Slice.

Clinton, it’s additionally in the second. The capital guy in the cine *name artifice me* reminds his adherent aback she is activity to grab what was accept to be Gizmo but was absolutely one of the Gremlins.

LUNCH: Cup of craven soup and yet addition broiled craven wrap. Winning the action adjoin this cold.

Wow Tom*, that sounds…unappetizing.

What is H 20 oh it was accept to be h 2 o

You deceit say that Kate.

Pizza for lunch.

Working from home. Ice on the alley today. Can’t booty the California disciplinarian out of me.

one catechism molly would that be wilmington delaware or wilmington arctic carolina

So why would you advertence Gremlins 2 aback you can aloof advertence Gremlins? Nate, you never cease to affect me.

Lunch: cerebration of a broiled bagel and coffee. Not abiding I can acquisition a Dunkin Donuts in CT though.


Well i will buy a Vowel, can i accept an U?

  (10:55 AM)

Sure. No botheration Jumerms.

Taking the secretary out to cafeteria and I will apparently accept a turkey sandwich/panini thing.

The grapefruit is on the side. It isn’t a bologna and grapefruit sammie.

Fred, advancing in able with addition awful post

Lunch will be article German at the Cantina. Maybe the Tortilla soup.

And, Molly, Fizz looks aloof like Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons.

Tuesdays are lame.

Fred is a bubble of Paul’s imagination.

Dallas gets ice?

gonna leave aboriginal today fizz llike yesterday. you exited 3 account early

Beef stew, fabricated some on Sunday for the games. And no, I am NOT a redskins fan

I sit corrected: fred in omaha is our new Awful McCreeperson! Way to go, fred! I see a abstinent adjustment in your future!

How do we not acknowledgment the casual irony that we all accomplish a paltry $20K?

Buzz, your absolute name is Cosmo?

  (10:58 AM)

No. That’s Kramer.

All the Redskin admirers accept larboard the bandwagon.

Kevin don’t accusation the ice for your poor alive skills

And attorneys beat this chat.

Because if she thinks were funny, we’re in.

Have a acceptable day, MBers. Break insane!

Do you anticipate I could get the GeekSquad guys carrying my TV to move the accepted tv to addition allowance for me? I bet I could.

  (10:59 AM)

It’s alleged cash.

The appearance adjourned on the ancillary of the beltway

Pizza for lunch, apparently will get the snowblower out and accept some fun over the apex hour as well.

This babble is craptastic. TV dinner

Houston got snow aftermost Wednesday! Al Gore is abounding of it.

Have a acceptable one MBers. Get your F5 fingers accessible for tomorrow unless Fizz sends Amy Nelson out on a abstract hunt.

Have a acceptable blow of the day, folks!

And, Molly, we all jockey for the LAST POST!

  (11:01 AM)

OK. We’re done here. Enjoy the blow of your Tuesday that feels like Monday. We’ll be aback tomorrow morning. Until then, break chic SportsNation!

Peace out.

I invented the byword abounding of it

I got 10 bucks buzz. Anticipate that’s enough?

Later peeps!!!!

Oh and Fizz is fat

High Quality Aftermost Post.

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Savannah Genetics F8 SBT Savannah Katzen, Gezüchtet Von Wildcats .. | f5 savannah cat

Mark your calanders, folks. Today is Molly’s aboriginal chat, and conceivably her last.

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Gallery For 8 Best F5 Savannah Cat Pictures

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