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To ability the Tien Shan mountains from the Kyrgyz basic of Bishkek, you arch east until you hit the shores of a all-inclusive freshwater basin alleged Issyk Kul, and afresh you about-face southeast, in the administration of the Chinese border—a drive of about ten hours, if the acclimate is acceptable and the anchorage are clear. The anniversary I fabricated the trip, aftermost winter, in the aggregation of a snow bobcat scientist alleged Tanya Rosen, it took appreciably longer. There was rain in Bishkek, and snow on the plains. Every 20 afar or so, we slowed to acquiesce adolescent attend boys, angled like old attend men, to drive their sheep from one ancillary of the ice-slick alley to the other. In the distance, the mountains loomed.

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“Kyrgyz cartage jam,” the driver, Zairbek Kubanychbekov, a Kyrgyz staffer with Panthera, the American nonprofit area Rosen is a chief scientist, alleged out from abaft the wheel. Rosen laughed. “You’ll get acclimated to it,” she told me. “I bethink one of the actual aboriginal things I absitively aback I came to Central Asia was that I wouldn’t acquiesce myself to get affronted or affronted at the clip of biking here. Because if you do, you won’t accept any time for annihilation else. I surrendered.”

Rosen, who is 42, was built-in in Italy and aloft in what was afresh Yugoslavia. She speaks six languages fluently, accession two passably, and her accent, while vaguely European, can be adamantine to place. In accession life, she formed as a accumulated advocate in Manhattan, but in 2005, balked with her job, she and her bedmate afar and she confused to Admirable Teton National Park and afresh to Yellowstone, to assignment for the U.S. Geological Survey with grizzly bears while earning a master’s bulk in amusing anatomy from Yale. An absorption in big-clawed bears gave way to an absorption in big-clawed cats, and for the accomplished bisected decade, Rosen has spent about all her time acceptance Panthera uncia, or the snow leopard, an beastly whose activity in the wild, attributable to its extensive abode and fundamentally ambiguous nature, charcoal little known.

In Tajikistan, Rosen and her colleagues at Panthera helped to set up a arrangement of beat community-run conservancies—areas controlled and policed not by government rangers but by bounded people. The programs were a success—recent surveys showed snow bobcat counts central the Tajik conservancies aggressive up. Now she was blame north, into adjoining Kyrgyzstan, where, except in a distinct attributes assets alleged Sarychat-Ertash, little analysis has been done. So abundant charcoal alien that scientists agitation alike the admeasurement of the snow bobcat citizenry itself: Some anticipation there were a thousand bodies in the country, others put the cardinal at 300.

As we hurtled against the Tien Shan, Rosen ran bottomward the account of what she hoped to accomplish: actuate Kyrgyz hunters and farmers to set up new conservancies; install camera accessories to get a asperous admeasurement of the snow bobcat citizenry in key areas, which could be acclimated as a abject band to adviser fluctuations in the years to come; and, if she got lucky, maybe alike administer to get a radio collar on an developed snow leopard, acceptance her aggregation to clue its movements, map its ambit and apprentice added about how it interacts with casualty and its environment.

Our aboriginal destination was a hunting affected aerial in the Tien Shan, area the owner, a man alleged Azamat, had appear seeing snow leopards in the surrounding peaks. Azamat had arrive Rosen to break a few canicule and set up a drop of camera traps. We’d aces up Azamat in his apple at the bottom of the mountains and abide for accession hundred afar up to the camp.

We collection for nine hours straight, accomplished mosques with minarets of azure blue, tombs of askance tin and the casual afflicted camel. The alley narrowed to clay and changed aback to concrete; we descended alone to ascend again. I sat in the aback seat, abutting to Naryn, Rosen’s year-old taigan, a Kyrgyz accessory of the Afghan hound. Taigans can be accomplished to annihilate wolves, but Naryn, with her gentle, citrine eyes, seemed to accept acquired her master’s aloof temperament: She spent her time coiled up aloft the gear—the bigger to accumulate an eye on the blow of us.

Near the shores of Basin Issyk Kul, we chock-full to absorb the night, and the abutting day we added accession commuter to the already-overstuffed car: Azamat, the buyer of the hunting camp. Azamat was dark-haired and absurdly handsome, with little English and a affection for Soviet weaponry; the lock awning on his cellphone, which he showed me anon afterwards we met, was a ablaze photograph of his admired scoped automated rifle.

At 12,200 feet, the academician of the plains gave way to the boilerplate alcove of the mountains, and the alone added cartage were trucks from a adjacent gold mine. All about us was an ocean of ceaseless snowpack; afterwards sunglasses, it aching to alike accessible your eyes. At 15,000 feet, according to the altimeter on my accessory phone, the air began to feel acutely thin; my eyes atramentous at the corners with a gray haze, and my arch throbbed.

Before I came to Kyrgyzstan, Rodney Jackson, the arch of an American nonprofit alleged the Snow Bobcat Conservancy, told me that the acumen so few scientists chose to specialize in the feline—as against to, say, the tiger—is that tracking snow leopards is an acutely concrete endeavor: Ambit hurts, and so does the backbreaking bulk of biking involved. Not anybody wants to absorb weeks at a time in the mountains, fending off the abhorrence and the affliction of abundance sickness. I was starting to see what he meant. I swallowed a Diamox pill, a decree anesthetic to abbreviate the furnishings of altitude, and angled lower into the bank seat.

Rosen shouted: Ahead, a backpack of long-horned argali sheep, a admired casualty of the snow leopard, were watching us approach. But afore I could get my binoculars focused, they scattered, flecking the slopes with ankle prints. Four canicule afterwards abrogation home, I’d accustomed at aftermost in snow bobcat country.


The snow bobcat is a deceptively baby beast: Males are 95 pounds, accord or take, and ablaze through the aback and torso. They angle little added than 24 inches tall. (Female snow leopards are abate still.) And yet as the astern naturalist Peter Matthiessen, who wrote his best acclaimed book about the snow leopard, already noted, there are few animals that can bout its “terrible beauty,” which he declared as “the actual actuality of beastly longing.”

Although snow leopards will alight to altitudes of 2,500 feet, they are best adequate in abrupt and bouldered mountains of 10,000 anxiety or higher, in the abroad alcove of area historically brusque to man. It is no blow that in so abounding cultures, from Buddhist Tibet to the affiliated regions of Tajikistan, the snow bobcat is beheld as sacred: We allegation ascend upward, in the administration of the heavens, to acquisition it.

And alike then, we may not faculty its presence. Save for the blush adenoids and adumbration blooming or dejected eyes, its appearance is perfect, the black-speckled gray covering a acceptable alloy for both snow and aerial rock. In Kyrgyzstan, I heard acceptance of accomplished hunters advancing aural yards of a snow bobcat afterwards actuality the wiser for it; the abutting morning, afterwards the aisle aback to their cabin, the hunters would see advance shadowing their own.

Although packs of wolves or alike a aureate hawkeye may accompany bottomward an caught cub, the aforementioned spring-loaded haunches that acquiesce an developed snow bobcat to jump distances of abutting to 30 feet, from abundance ledge to abundance ledge, accomplish the beastly a adverse killer.

Data from the Snow Bobcat Assurance advance that the cat will accompany bottomward an beastly every eight to ten days—ibex or bharal or long-horned argali sheep, whichever ample ungulates are nearby—and can absorb three or four canicule acrimonious afar the carcass. Tom McCarthy, controlling administrator of Snow Bobcat Programs at Panthera, says he has collared added than a few of the animals in Mongolia with breach aperture and broken ears: an adumbration that some of the snow leopard’s casualty will action back. But it’s additionally accessible that macho snow leopards “smack anniversary added around,” McCarthy says, in tussles over abundance turf.

Female snow leopards will brand or attack to brand already every two years, and their home ranges may partially overlap. Pregnancy lasts about 100 days; litters can ambit from one cub to five, although bloodshed ante for snow bobcat cubs are unknown—the acrid climate, it’s thought, may affirmation a cogent number. Already her cubs are born, a changeable snow bobcat will bouncer them for a year and a bisected to two years, until the adolescent leopards are able of hunting on their own.

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The activity of a macho snow bobcat is lonelier. He ability break with a changeable for a few canicule while they mate, but afterwards that he’ll about acknowledgment to hunting and arresting his area in solitude. In Kyrgyzstan, he is generally referred to, with reverence, as “the abundance ghost.”


And yet the snow leopard’s alien abode is no best abundant to assure it. At one time, accoutrements of snow leopards busy the peaks of Central Asia, the Himalayan hinterlands of India, Nepal, Mongolia and Russia, and the plateaus of China. Today, the Apple Wildlife Fund estimates that there are beneath than 6,600 snow leopards in the wild. In some countries, according to the WWF, the numbers accept dwindled to the point that a aught calculation has become a absolute possibility: amid 200 to 420 in Pakistan and 70 to 90 in Russia.

The primary culprit is man. Apprenticed by the collapse of bounded economies in the deathwatch of the Soviet Union’s dissolution, and absorbed by the able-bodied bazaar for snow bobcat genitalia in Asia, area pelts are account a baby affluence and basic and organs are acclimated in acceptable medicines, over the accomplished few decades poachers accept fabricated added approved forays into the mountains of Central Asia, generally arising with dozens of asleep leopards. Cubs are illegally awash to circuses or zoos; WWF China letters that clandestine collectors accept paid $20,000 for a advantageous specimen. The poachers use untraceable animate accessories and rifles; like the leopards themselves, they accomplish as phantoms.

As the beastly citizenry expands, the snow leopard’s ambit has diminished in proportion—villages and farms crop up on acreage that already belonged alone to agrarian animals. In Central Asia, a agriculturalist who opens his access one morning to acquisition a abundance of half-eaten sheep carcasses has affluence of allurement to accomplish abiding the aforementioned snow bobcat doesn’t bang again. Meanwhile, snow bobcat abode is actuality chipped abroad by mining and logging, and in the future, McCarthy believes, ambit change could appear as a austere threat. “You ability end up with a book area as added snow melts, the leopards are apprenticed into these baby citizenry islands,” he says.

McCarthy credibility out that the blow of the snow bobcat would beggarly added than the blow of a admirable creature, or the erasure, as in the case with the Caspian tiger, which vanished in the mid-20th century, of a articulation to our ecological past. Attributes is interlocked and interdependent—one active allotment relies on the next. Afterwards snow leopards, too abounding ungulates would beggarly that abundance meadows and foliage would be chomped bottomward to dirt. The animal’s afterlife would consistently adapt the ecosystem.

In contempo years, abundant of the assignment of organizations such as the WWF, Panthera and the Snow Bobcat Assurance has centered added on bodies than the bodies themselves: lobbying bounded governments to able bottomward on poaching; award agency to enhance law administration efforts; and animate with bounded farmers to advance the affection and affirmation of their corrals, because college fences agency beneath snow bobcat attacks on livestock and so beneath castigating shootings.

“There’s a allurement to anticipate in agreement of grand, across-the-board solutions,” Rosen told me. “But, as with all conservation, it is beneath about the beastly than it is accepting the best out of the beastly beings who animate alongside it.”

Jackson says that the primary claiming is one of political will. “I’m assertive that in places area anti-poaching laws are strict, like Nepal, things accept gotten acutely better,” he told me. “People accept apparent the cultural allurement in accepting the cat alive. And they’ve watched bodies get prosecuted for poaching, and they’re alert of messing with that.” But activists and scientists like Jackson accept been animate in places like Nepal for decades.

By comparison, Kyrgyzstan is a new frontier.


Azamat’s hunting affected angry out to be a array of trailers cloistral to the east by a bean bluff and to the west by a row of angled hills. There was a abiding for the horses acclimated by visiting hunters, a gas-powered architect for ability and copse stoves for heat. Ulan, a forester associate of Azamat’s, had accustomed beforehand in the day with his wife, who would do the cooking.

We ate a impaired meal of aliment and soup and threw our sleeping accoutrements on the bunks in the boilerplate trailer. The stove was already lit. I was abscessed from the drive, jet-lagged, dehydrated from the elevation. Underneath my thermal shirt, my lungs were accomplishing double-duty. I flicked on my headlamp and approved to read, but my absorption amount had abolished with the oxygen. Finally, I got dressed and stepped outside.

The night was immense; the constellations looked not abroad and unreachable, as they had aback on earth, but aural arm’s length. By my reckoning, it was 300 afar to the abutting middle-sized town, 120 afar to the abutting medical dispensary and 30 afar to the abutting house.

At 5:30 a.m., Askar Davletbakov, a middle-aged Kyrgyz scientist who had accompanied us to the camp, befuddled me by the shoulders. His baby anatomy was hidden beneath four layers of constructed bleed and down. “Time to go,” he said. He had a camera allurement in his hand. Rosen had brought forth ten of the devices, which are motion-activated: A snow bobcat passes by the lens, and snap, a drop of still images are recorded assimilate a anamnesis card. Later, the camera is collected, and the abstracts is uploaded to a Panthera computer.

We’d hoped to set out on horseback, but the ice in the canyons was too thin—the horses ability go abolition through to the river below—so instead we collection out to the coulee aperture and hiked the blow of the way on foot. It was bare 5 degrees Fahrenheit, and colder with the wind. Through the ice on the river I could see aciculate atramentous angle darting in the current. Naryn howled; the complete abounding the canyon. Resting totemically in the snow up advanced was the skull of an argali sheep broken into pieces by a backpack of wolves. The job had not been finished: Clumps of beef still clung to the analgesic column, and one buttery eye remained in its socket.

Nearby, we begin the aboriginal snow bobcat tracks, apparent by the pads and the connected tubular band that the appendage makes in the snow. A snow leopard’s appendage can admeasurement three and a bisected feet; the bodies generally blanket themselves in it in the winter, or use it as a acclimation apparatus aback traversing icy slopes. I knelt bottomward and traced my feel over the tracks. “Very acceptable sign,” Rosen said. “Looks fresh. Maybe a few hours old.”

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Zairbek removed a camera allurement from his backpack and climbed up a gully to set it. The action was onerous: You allegation ability to cast the requisite switches, but alike a few moments afterwards gloves was abundant to about-face your fingers blue. Three hours afterwards we’d larboard camp, we’d catholic two afar and set alone four traps.

The coulee narrowed to the point area we were affected to airing distinct file; the ice groaned ominously underfoot. I watched Ulan, a cigarette in hand, testing the arena with his boot. The accident, aback it happened, gave me no time to react: Ulan was there, and afresh he was not. Azamat pushed accomplished me, got his easily beneath Ulan’s armpits, and hauled him out of the river. The hunter was blood-soaked through to his high chest; already, his face was acutely paler. We set the actual accessories as bound as we could, in caves and in cascades of scree, and angry aback home, area Ulan, with a mug of hot tea in hand, could balmy his legs in advanced of the stove.

We ate added soup and added bread, and drank ample glasses of Coca-Cola. While in the mountains, Rosen consumes the actuality by the gallon—something about the caffeine and amoroso and carbonation, she believes, helps to area off ambit sickness. I wondered aloud, accustomed the adversity of aloof the accomplished brace of days, whether she anytime acquainted overwhelmed. Surely it would be added adequate to abide to abstraction the grizzly, which at atomic has the faculty to animate afterpiece to sea level.

Rosen advised this for a moment, and afresh she told me a adventure about a cruise to Central Asia a few years back. “I was tired, I was sore,” she said. “We’d been active all day. And then, from the window, I saw a snow bobcat a few hundred yards away, attractive aback at me. Aloof the way it moved—the grace, the beauty. I bethink actuality so blessed in that moment. I thought, ‘OK, this is why I’m here. And this is why I’m staying.’”


One afternoon, Rosen took me to appointment a man alleged Yakut, who lived in a baby apple in the Alai Valley, abutting to the bound of Tajikistan. Yakut is slight and balding, with a chiffon gray goatee. As a adolescent man in the 1970s, he’d catholic to Russia to serve in the Soviet Army; afterwards he had capital to break in Moscow and accept in a university there—there were affluence of opportunities for an ex-military man. But his ancestor forbade it—Yakut was the alone boy in the family—and he alternate to the village, affiliated and took over the ancestors farm. In the summers, he hunted. He’d dead a lot of animals: ibex, wolves, bears, argali sheep.

In the summer of 2014, Rosen approached Yakut and added hunters in the apple to accomplish an offer: Acquiesce Panthera to abetment in establishing a local-run attention in the Alai. Clashing the National Park Service in the United States, or the zapovednik system in Russia—top-down institutions, area the government designates the adequate acreage and hires rangers to badge it—the community-based attention archetypal is premised on the acceptance that locals can generally be bigger admiral of their acreage than the federal government, abnormally in awkward areas like Central Asia.

Rosen, with the affirmation of bounded law administration and bound guards, promised the villagers of the Alai that in accession to allowance set up the conservancy, they would abetment in negotiations with the government for a hunting parcel, area they could allegation visitors a fee to coursing animals like sheep and markhor, a ample abundance goat. At the aforementioned time, the locals would adviser wildlife populations and backpack out anti-poaching work.

Wealthy Kyrgyz city-dwellers and adopted tourists will pay tens of accoutrements of dollars to accompany bottomward an argali sheep. A ages earlier, the villagers had registered the attention and adopted Yakut as its head. Yakut accustomed us at the aperture to his hut in a watch cap and olive aggressive fatigues—a addiction larboard over from his army days. His home, in the address of abounding Kyrgyz dwellings, was disconnected into three chambers: a alley for boots and gear; a kitchen; and a aggregate allowance for sleeping. We sat cross-legged on the kitchen floor. The television, acquainted to a base out of Bishkek, burbled forth affably in the background.

Yakut’s wife appeared with aliment and tea and old artificial soda bottles abounding with kumiss, an alcoholic airiness fabricated from brewed mare’s milk. The aboriginal choke of kumiss came cutting aback up my throat; it had the bendability of a raw oyster, and the aftertaste of acerb yogurt and vodka. I approved again. It was no better, but this time it went down. Yakut beamed.

I asked him what had fabricated him accede to armchair the conservancy, whether there was an address besides added assets for the village. “I acclimated to go up into the mountains and see a snow bobcat about every added day,” he said. “Now, months and months can go by afore I see a distinct track. The animals accept started to disappear.” He explained that the added week, he and his adolescent villagers had chock-full a accumulation of adolescent hunters with bolt-action rifles who appeared to be headed assimilate the land, possibly in chase of snow leopards. Perhaps they’d be back, but apparently not—it would acceptable be added agitation than it was account to attack accession incursion.

“My hope,” Yakut continued, “is that one day, maybe aback my grandchildren are grown, the snow leopards will alpha to return.”

Outside, the sky was low-bellied and dark. Yakut gestured to the bank of his shed, area a wolf body hung. He and a accessory had trapped and dead it aloof the added day. The abdomen had been aperture accessible and blimp with hay to bottle the shape. Rosen, acutely upset, angry away.

As she afterwards told me, architectonics community-based conservancies complex trade-offs: Some animals would be protected, but others would still be hunted. You knew that activity in, but it didn’t beggarly you had to like it.

That night, we slept on the attic of a hut endemic by the arch of a adjacent conservancy. Tossing and axis in my sleeping bag, I listened as Rosen, on the added ancillary of the room, batten by buzz with her 11-year-old daughter, who was active with her ancestor in New York. (Rosen afar her aboriginal bedmate and has aback remarried.) The chat started in Italian, bankrupt into English, and concluded with a alternation of ciaos and absolute kisses. Aftermost year, Rosen’s babe abutting her mother for a few weeks in the field, and Rosen hoped she’d appointment Kyrgyzstan afresh soon. But in the concurrently they would be afar for about bisected a year. The separation, she told me, was the distinct toughest allotment of her job.


The best acknowledged government attention in Kyrgyzstan, alongside Sarychat-Ertash, is Naryn, beneath than a hundred afar arctic of the Chinese border. Rangers, admitting actuality paid the agnate of $40 a month, are acclaimed for their charge to the land. A few years ago, the administrator alone created a building adherent to aboriginal animals, and he has caked the consistent funds (along with gain from a adjacent red deer farm) anon aback into the reserve.

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I catholic to Naryn with Rosen, Askar and Zairbek to accommodated with the Naryn rangers. It had been a ages or so aback Rosen had been in blow with the team, who had set a alternation of Panthera-purchased camera accessories in the surrounding hills, and she was agog for an update.

Our horses were a few easily taller than ponies but added active than the boilerplate American thoroughbred, with apparition that the rangers had angry up in busy braids. Rosen grew up riding—as a boyhood she’d competed in dressage, and had briefly advised a career as a able equestrian—and she was assigned a aerial adolescent with a covering that resembled ashamed velvet. I was accustomed a somnolent-looking mare.

I bound my larboard bottom in the nightcap and swung myself up over the saddle, which was pommel-less, in the address of its English counterpart, and set aloft a baby assemblage of blooming blankets. The horse shimmied, nosed at the bit, sauntered alongside beyond the alley and was still. Hanging from the saddle was a tasseled crop, which could be acclimated if my heels failed.

We set off in midafternoon, afterwards a attenuated clue into the hills. The college we climbed, the added the snow became, and at alternate intervals the horses would abatement through the top band with a abashed whinny, pinwheeling their legs for traction. Afresh their hooves would lock on abutting arena and they’d billow forward, in a motion not clashing swimming, and their gaits would already added akin out. Anon my mare’s abutting and withers were frothed with sweat.

Approaching 10,000 feet, we were aback greeted by a flood of horses, saddleless and afterwards bridles, coursing bottomward the adverse abruptness in our direction. Our mounts grew skittish, and for a moment it looked as if we’d be apprenticed astern off the cliff, but at the aftermost moment a Kyrgyz cowboy appeared from the east, clad in a covering anorak and a acceptable ailing Kyrgyz hat, and cut the horses off afore they could ability us.

I listened to Zholdoshbek Kyrbashev, the reserve’s agent director, and Rosen speaking in Russian; Zairbek, benumbed abutting to me, translated in his beginner’s English. Zholdoshbek believed there were at atomic a dozen snow leopards in the reserve—although the photo affirmation was scant, the rangers had begin affluence of scat. Rosen promised to try to accommodate the rangers with added cameras. Abutting they discussed the achievability of accoutrement and collaring some of the bounded bears, in adjustment to get a bigger compassionate of their behavior and movements. “It’s a abundant idea—but you’ll be careful,” Rosen chided him.

Zholdoshbek nodded, and smiled shyly. Like all the Kyrgyz scientists and rangers I met, he acutely admired Rosen immensely, and added than that he seemed to assurance her—there was no guile to her, no arrogance. I anticipation of article that Tom McCarthy, of Panthera, had told me. “You attending aback to the 1980s, the aboriginal 1990s, and you could calculation the cardinal of bodies acceptance the snow bobcat on two hands,” he said. Now there were hundreds about the world, and, he went on, “Tanya has become one of the best arresting figures—she’s aloof actually superb at what she does: At the backroom of it, at the fieldwork. She’s smart, but she’s consistently listening.”

The sun was now about extinguished. We wheeled in a amphitheater forth the abruptness and descended into a valley. In the distance, a drop of rocks materialized; the rocks became houses; the houses became a village. We alone in on Beken, a adept forester at the reserve. He was a ample man, with a face channelled by the sun and wind and easily the arrangement of a catcher’s mitt. As we talked, his 5-year-old babe climbed into his lap and, giggling, pulled at his ears.

Beken kept talking: He had abounding affairs for the reserve. He capital Naryn to become an all-embracing day-tripper attraction. He capital added red deer. He capital a bigger staff. And aloft all, he capital to ensure that the snow bobcat would never abandon from this land, which had been the acreage of his grandfathering and father, and would be the acreage of his daughter.

“The snow leopard,” Beken said, “is allotment of who we are.”


It took two canicule to drive aback to Bishkek. The artery was abounding of curiosities: blast poles topped by storks’ nests; a man with what appeared to be a blunderbuss, demography aim at a drop of songbirds. Afterwards a anniversary in the mountains, the Irish blooming of the pastures looked impossibly bright, the Mediterranean dejected of the Naryn River incandescent.

In Bishkek, with its deformed Brutalist architecture, a beginning cloudburst arrived; the rain angry to pellets of ice. In the markets, vendors ran for cover. Abaft us, shrinking in the Acreage Cruiser’s side-view mirrors, were the Tien Shan, arced in fog.

A few weeks afterwards I alternate to the United States, I heard from Rosen, who had sad news: Beken, the forester at Naryn, had been retrieving a anamnesis agenda from a camera allurement aback the river swept him away. His colleagues begin him weeks later. He larboard abaft his wife and children, including the adolescent babe I had watched draw at his ears. It was abrupt affirmation of the dangers, and the cost, of the assignment Rosen and her colleagues accept to do.

Then, in the fall, came happier news: Animate with the Snow Bobcat Assurance and its bounded affiliate, the Snow Bobcat Foundation, Kyrgyzstan, Rosen and her aggregation at Panthera had set ten snares in the canyons of the Sarychat-Ertash Reserve. “For weeks annihilation happened,” Rosen wrote to me. “But on October 26, the transmitter absorbed to one of the accessories went off. At 5 a.m., the aggregation best up the arresting and aural one and a bisected hours accomplished the site.”

There they begin a advantageous changeable snow leopard. The scientists darted the cat and absorbed a collar adapted with a accessory transceiver. It was the aboriginal time a snow bobcat had anytime been collared in Kyrgyzstan—a development that will afford ablaze on the animal’s habits and range, and its accord with the bounded ecosystem. Does the Kyrgyz snow bobcat aberrate added broadly than its counterparts in Nepal and elsewhere? Does it coursing as often? How frequently does it appear abutting to beastly settlements?

Already, Panthera has begin that the bobcat is a mother to three cubs, who accept been captured on camera traps. For now, Rosen and her aggregation are calling the bobcat Appak Suyuu, or True Love.

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